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Kristin Phillips

Author, Speaker, Educator


For The Love of Learning: A Year in the Life of a School Principal

For parents, teachers, and everyone who remembers being a student, this book is an empathetic, honest, and sometimes humorous glimpse into the inner workings of school through my eyes - the principal.

These are the stories that make up one school year.  I hope they touch your heart, make you smile, and make you think about how schools work- one year, one student at a time.

Jesse Thistle, author of the bestselling From the Ashes

“As principal, Phillips shows in example after example how she is more than capable in managing both teachers and students; however, the story really builds worlds when the author graciously speaks of her own familial troubles and triumphs—this added such depth and showed how principals have the same issues and problems as everyone else. There is a human connection and mentoring element to this book that will save lives and teaching careers—Phillips’ mentorship catches “starfish” (wayward children) and throws them back to sea (helps them succeed). Such a powerful purpose for educators to emulate; such a powerful lifeline to troubled students who need someone to eat lunch with and care. I wish I had a Mrs. Phillips back when I was a young rapscallion.”

TEDxED Talk:  Spiralling the Curriculum to Get Sticky Learning

In May 2016, I delivered an engaging and thought provoking TEDx talk that challenges the way we deliver curriculum to students.  Teachers all over the world have interacted with me about how to teach so that learning sticks.

Reviews of TEDx talk..


What an engaging, funny and informative talk. Thank you, Kristin.


Thank you, superb explanation of this very interesting concept.

Art Class


5 years after working with her and

Kristin is still challenging my thinking!

Mountain Cliff Hiker


Brilliant educator. You should watch this, if you have not already.

Math Formulas


Absolutely brilliant, always thought provoking

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